[LVEE-Talks] lvee 2020 - проводить ли, и как?

Andrzej Pietrasiewicz andrzejtp2010 at gmail.com
Mon May 25 13:48:02 +03 2020



> Поэтому давайте делиться мнениями, кто что думает:
> Проводить ли онлайн-версию конференции, или подождать до лучших времён с
> полноценными оффлайновыми LVEE?

LVEE without shashlyk doesn't count ;) I guess the word "полноценными"
includes that idea.

Frankly speaking I haven't gone through all the answers in Russian or
Belorussian, so I might be repeating some arguments, sorry.

 From the Polish experience of suddenly going online with all schools I
can absolutely agree with the opinion it can't be done 1:1. I would
extrapolate this same conclusion to conferences. So a full day is in
my opinion out of the question, not to mention few consecutive full days.

This year's Open Source Summit/Embedded Linux Conference North America
is 100% online. There still is a fee of 50 USD (instead of, say, 700).
The difference in price reflects lower organization costs on the one
hand, but I think on the other it is also an indicator of willingness
of people to attend at all. The Linux Foundation must have thoroughly
thought about a proper price tag. Pricing it more would scare the
potential attendees off.

Merely providing a live stream from a presenter doesn't really differ
from publishing a film online for viewing at a later time. What would
make a difference - and make people want to attend - is the feedback
channel. So I envision the presenter doing a talk live and a moderator
collecting and aggregating questions from irc or whatever, and then the
presenter answers the questions live (also streamed) just after their

Of course these are opinions from a guy who is somewhat outside and
should be considered only advisory.



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